Deevy's Homestead

How did Bridlewood began? Bridlewood is a neighbourhood in the west end of Ottawa, Bridlewood was part of the City of Kanata until 2001, when that city amalgamated with the City of Ottawa. Bridlewood is located east of Eagleson Road, south and west of the National Capital Commission Greenbelt, and north of Hope Side Road. This community is located in the southeast part of the former city of Kanata and is 12 KM from the boundary of pre-amalgamation Ottawa proper. Bridlewood began to develop as a residential area in the 1960s. Previous to that, the land was used for agricultural purposes. William Teron spurred development with his purchase of agricultural land in order to create a model community that subsequently evolved into Kanata. According to the Canada 2006 Census, there were 19,167 people living in Bridlewood. Most of the land that became Bridlewood was originally part of the Deevy farm. There was still a small piece of farmland in the centre of the community, where the farmhouse and barn still stood until 2011. The Deevy Family Estate chose Longwood Building Corporation to develop the Deevy Farm site beginning in 2012.

Living in Bridlewood

The Bridlewood Community Association (BCA) serves not only Bridlewood but the adjacent community of Emerald Meadows. The BCA deals with various community matters including sports, outdoor hockey rinks, garage sales, safety and security, business networking, traffi c volume concerns, and developer and zoning activity. Bridlewood is served by local councillor Allan Hubley as it is part of the Kanata South Ward. Sports participation is signifi cant in Bridlewood. The BCA estimates participance of over 800 children for the 2007 soccer program. Bridlewood is a community participant in the True Sport movement, which is a Canadian program espousing goals of ensuring positive and meaningful experiences for sport participants.