Longwood Building Corporation

Guy Whissel

Longwood has been building new communities for over 25 years in the Ottawa region. Over the years, Longwood has built more than 1250 single homes, adult lifestyle bungalow communities and condominiums for growing families and people who are downsizing.

As founder of Longwood, Guy Whissel, who was born and raised in Ottawa, knew at a young age that he wanted to change the city landscape. He studied in Architecture and learned the ropes with the biggest home building company in the city back in the late 70's. He worked with other builders for a few years until he was ready to go on his own. Longwood started small but quickly gained a share of the market building 75 to 100 new homes per year. Longwood often teams up with other builders to buy land and develop entire communities.

The Communities

Working with the people in the communities, the different levels of government and the many different trades has enabled Longwood to become a better builder. Having mastered the art of building homes in the suburbs and in the inner city, Longwood is now branching out to build more condominiums. Years of experience in every aspect of the construction industry allows Longwood to diversify and use their expertise to build condominiums that will bring them closer to the downtown core, which is where Guy was born and raised!

Current Projects

The Longwood Team

Over the years, Guy has learned to surround himself with people who have extensive knowledge of the industry. Most of the Longwood team have been working with him for over 15 years and they are all as passionate about their work as he is. Two of them have also studied in Architecture which really creates a team that is committed to details, quality of design and delivering a product that will leave a mark. As a group his staff has hands-on experience in all aspects of design, sales, construction and delivery of the final product.


The Longwood Difference

Quality is not just a word at Longwood Building Corporation, it's a way of thinking. Our designs are carefully planned and drawn to meet the needs of all lifestyles. At Longwood, we are always working together as a team to improve the designs and quality of our homes.

With over 25 years in the housing industry, we have learned not just to appreciate the difference that quality makes, but to insist upon it.